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“Metacognition in Higher Education”


Duration: 20 hours (10 class hours and 10 hours of independent work)

Start Date: March 6th 2023

Ending Date: March 10th 2023

Schedule: 10 am to 12 pm


“Metacognition in Higher Education”


Metacognition is required for students to learn.  The teacher does not "learn" for the students, they are the ones who learn.


Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

Educación de calidad

Educación de calidad

Objetivos y metodología

Participants will access best educational practices that help students take control of their own learning by:

  1. Learning how students learn.
  2. Reflecting on how they as participants learn.
  3. Developing class techniques that help students recognize and address how they learn.
  4. Provide assessment techniques for students and faculty to reflect on their learning.

The course will have Lecture/Discussion (30%), Group work (30%), project development and Presentation (40%).


The course will have a final project for assessment. The project must demonstrate (1) an understanding of how students can learn in their discipline/class, (2) how the faculty can create an environment for students to engage and reflect upon their learning, (3) develop an assessment device to provide for themselves and for the student.


Duration: 20 hours (10 class hours and 10 hours of independent work)


Curriculum Content

The course will contain the following curricular components

  1. Learning
    • What science reveals about learning.
    • Principles and Models of Learning
  2. Learner and Educator Pedagogies and Strategies 
  3. Learner and Education Reflection and Assessment
  4. Challenges and Opportunities
  5. Project Development and Presentation



Once the activities and requirements for the development of the course have been fulfilled, the participants will receive the certificate of approval of the face-to-face course: "Metacognition in Higher education", provided that the participant meets the approval requirements.



University Teachers and General Public.



UDA Teachers    $ 30.00

General Public    $ 40.00


Formas de pago

UDA Teachers   $ 30.00

General Public  $ 40.00


Teaching staff of the University of Azuay, once you chech the box "Payment role discount" when registering online, the automatic discount to the payment role will be made, in the month of February 2023.


University of Azuay


Mayor Información

Ing. Miriam Briones García: